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Kitchen Interior with Island


London City

Investments & yield

Our  ethos is very familiar to all investors, selling at high price and buying at low prices which allows us to stretch your wealth and thus increase growth.




Increasing your overall properties to four by moving

to Liverpool

Yield vs Risk

Our structure is based on 20yrs proven experience and reward, the average Liverpool city Centre rental is £1k gross .

Giving a 1: 12 ratio 

Based on assumptions,

properties purchased in a limited 

12 months rental agreement

Turn key rental

you sign our engagement terms

Limited or no repairs

return on a £400k investment pa is £48k

12% gross

Apartment Complex
Modern Bedroom


For an initial six months, we will manage the site or sites to insure your investment is preforming as expected, this will cover all aspects from repairs to advice . We will liaise with the tenants  and after the fixed term , then be handed over after to yourself or your chosen agent as our term has ended. 

Renewals will be  another six months.

Rents are paid to directly to landlords via your tenants. 

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